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Duvet Wipes
Sterile Duvet Wipes for Post Op Care
Sterile Duvet Post Op Wipes is the safest option which you can recommend to your surgery patients for post op hygiene. Each individually wrapped wipes is impregnated with pure water and gamma sterilised for the safety of the user. Trusted by over 600 Ophthalmologists and loved by over a million happy patients. Duvet Wipes the safest and most reliable Post-op wipes.
Proteo IVT Kit
Proteo IVT Kit is a comprehensive kit for Clean Intravitreal Injection procedures.
Patients requiring Intravitreal Injections like any other patient expect a safe procedure. Proteo IVT Kit is a complete surgical pack which provides Safety, Convenience, Reduces Hassle of opening several bins in the OT and resterilising them. This single use kit provides the safety and convenience for both the patient and surgeon in a situation like this.

The kit contains a list of components which will make the clean injection procedure complete.

Braunstein Caliper, Globe Stabiliser, 30g Needle, Drape, Disposable Speculum, Syringes, Gauze, Eyepad, etc packed in a non-woven wrap in sterile single use pack.
Duvet Wipes
PREPSITE Single Use Skin Prep
Single use Pre-Op skin prep with Prepsite. New Prepsite 30ml Single Use Bottle with 10% Povidone Iodine. When there is enough evidence of contamination of the multi-use skin prep solutions, Prepsite becomes the safest and most reliable choice of Skin Prep in Ophthalmic surgeries.
Our Flagship Products
Custom Post-Op Kit
A Custom Post Op Kit is the strongest marketing tool for your ophthalmic practice. The care with which we have put together so many options to customise the kit specific to your practice will for sure make your customers very happy. Call us to discuss your specific need in customising your post op kit. We have tons of experience in doing so with a dozen or more clients. You can choose precisely what goes into it. The kit becomes very convenient for the counselor to give Specific Post Op Care instructions and also very delightful for the patients to follow the same.
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Phaco Handpiece Repair
We Repair Phaco Handpieces of All machines All repair or refurbishment is completed with replacement of Piezo Electric Crystals, Cables and Connector sockets. We provide a 6 month warranty
We sell Phaco Tips, Sleeves, Test Chambers, Phaco Wrenches, IA Sets etc. Our recent addition in the product range is Thermal Protection sleeves for managing dense cataract and preventing corneal burns. We also Provide Handpiece Repair services. Find out from our wide choices to suit your technique
Cornea and LASIK Products
Take your Lamellar Keratoplasty procedures several notch higher with our Coronet Trephines. EYETEC PVA Spears used by more than 100+ LASIK Centers across the country. We are the importers of Eyetec PVA Spears. Get the best prices for bulk purchases.
Apart from this we also supply Tisseel Fibrin Glue, Amniocare-Dried Amniotic Membrane, Amcrylate-Cyanoacrylate glue for management of graft surgeries.
Imported Corneal Trephines
Take your Lamellar Keratoplasty procedures several notch higher with our Coronet Trephines. High precision of the various trephine products helps you with better outcomes. We have sizes between7 to 9.5mm in 0.25increments. To cater to the needs beyond these size range we have Surgistar Long Handle trephines starting from size 3mm to 5.5mm and from 10mm to 14.5mm. These products are also available online in our webstore
Available Size range from 3mm to 14.5mm









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