May 3, 2020

Crossing this COVID Chasm

COVID-19 Pandemic and the 4weeks of lockdown has permanently changed the lives of many. Never in our wildest imagination we would have thought that it will happen so rapidly and irreversibly.  All our beliefs, expectations, certainties are challenged now. Whatever we defined as work, life, luxury, safety, relationship, etc. seriously demands a redefinition.  During every new year we resolve to achieve one particular goal, say for example a better health, completing a half marathon, giving up one of the vices etc. As the year trots and when we have not moved an inch towards our resolution or goals, we excuse […]
February 4, 2019

Why Easing your workflow= Peace of Mind

One important way to ease the workflow in your OT is ensuring automation. Automation…err We are running a factory here…. Automation is not just about machines. But devising systems and processes for smooth running of our OT. Training our staff to adhere to these systems which will ensure that the sequence of events in OT happens in a clockwork precision leaving you with peace of mind. Easing your workflow= Peace of mind. Let’s look at Four things which will help ease the workflow in your OT. Assigning responsibilities Training the staff  Inventory Management of OT Consumables Tracking patient movement from […]
March 10, 2015

Our E Commerce Store is Ready

I am glad to announce the launch of our ecommerce store. We stock a wide range of Phaco Tips, Sleeves, Test Chambers, Guarded Trephines, Vacuum Trephines, Vacuum Punches, Tan Endoglide, Artificial Chamber and lot more. We will routinely be adding products in our core domain of Phaco and Refractive Surgery, Corneal Surgeries etc. We have the secure payment gateway provided by Payu India. Payments are accepted through credit cards, net banking or debit cards. And with that you have many options to pay during checkout. Do visit the store and also would be glad if you could share this update with […]