Check if your Autoclave is working right.

TSS Sterichek Bowie Dick sheets help you determine the health of your Steam Steriliser. Just learn more about Sterichek.

TSS Sterichek Bowie Dick Test Sheets

Test Sheet for validating the Autoclave Machine everyday

TSS Sterichek is Bowie Dick Air Removal Test Sheet – Intended to evaluate the performance of the Air Removal (vacuum) system of Pre-Vacuum equipped Steam Sterilizers. Meets AAMI, EN-867-3 and ISO 11140 air removal test. Lead Free Ink on Indicator Sheet – Safer for medical personnel and the environment. Distinct, non-reversible pink to black color change – easy to interpret. Sterichek is the must have product for your Infection Control efforts Now it is easy to buy Sterichek Bowie Dick Test Sheets Online!!!