Lamellar Keratoplasty and PKP


Tan Endoglide

EndoGlide Classic and Ultrathin would help consistently deliver a donor lenticule through a small incision, with minimal endothelial loss, whilst making the insertion procedure relatively reliable and consistent, with the surgeon in full control of the donor at all stages of insertion. Inspiration was drawn from the principles of the pull-through insertion combined with the idea of a device which would be as simple to insert as a thumbdrive into a USB port on a computer.
Donor Vacuum Trephine

Donor Vacuum Punch

The CORONET Donor Vacuum Punch, like the Donor Punch, awards the surgeon with visualisation of the graft at all times during the procedure. The base provides a stable operating platform with the additional vacuum function (suction), which holds the corneal tissue securely and in the most relaxed and anatomically correct shape in preperation for the trephination of the donor button. The CORONET Donor Vacuum Punch is supplied with a CORONET standard trephine plus a graft protector cover. Sizes available from 7mm to 9mm in 0.25mm increments.

Recipient Vacuum Trephine

The CORONET Recipient Vacuum Trephine is ergonomically designed and the length has been calculated to give easier access to the most recessed eyes. The trephine is supplied in a comprehensive range of blade diameters and utilises the unique CORONET blade technology to create an ultra-sharp cutting edge of reliable and repeatable quality.

Artificial Anterior Chamber

The CORONET Artificial Anterior Chamber has been designed to be used with any of the CORONET standard hand held trephines and is unique in concept in that one chamber fits all sizes of donor graft - ONE SIZE FITS ALL..Two tissue retaining heads are supplied with the chamber: The chamber is suitable for any size donor graft tissue from 14.5mm through to 18mm

Standard Trephine with Cross Hair

Designed for the manual technique on the recipient eye. Precise cross hair to assist centralisation. This trephine also fits Donor Punch or Donor Vacuum Punch for processing the donor tissue.
Guarded Trephines

Guarded Trephines

Guarded trephines are available for performing DALK procedures to make precise cuts at fixed depth. The fixed blade depth awards the surgeon control over the blade penetration. Suitable for both recipient and donor. Cross hair to assist with centralisation. Currently 300 microns and 400microns depths with size ranging from 7-8.5mm available