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Product Details

Early morning stickiness and crusting on the lid margins are quite bothersome for the patients who undergo eye surgeries. We pioneered the change in the way eyes are cleaned after surgery. From boiling cotton balls and using them to clean the lid margins, the evolution in Post-op cleansing has been amazing.

Cleaning Eyes after surgery

Sterile Duvet Wipes is the safest post-op wet wipes available for cleaning the eyes following any eye surgery. The contents are Alcohol Free and Odourless. The Nonwoven material used in Duvet Wipes is very soft and highly absorbent. The moisture is retained within the sealed pouch. Each individually packed wipes are pre-soaked in pure pharmaceutical grade water.

Cleaning the eyelids with Duvet wipes gives a very pleasant and soothing experience for the patients. . All Duvet Wipes individually wrapped sachets are gamma sterilised for your patient’s safety

Duvet Wipes is the first Post-Op wipes in India, launched in 2014. Eversince it has won the trust of 600+ Ophthalmologists across India and loved by over 1 Million customers who have used Duvet Wipes.

With our rich experience in Post-Op care you can confidently trust us and will be honoured to have Duvet Wipes present in your Post-Op recommendations.

Key Features

  • Individually Packed wipes
  • Gamma Sterilized
  • Soft Non-woven material 45GSM
  • Ultra-Pure Pharmaceutical grade water.
  • Available as 24s and 12s Pack



  • Eyelids after eye surgery
  • Eyes of New Born
  • Cuts and Scrapes
  • Other Delicate Tissues 
Caution: Single Use Only, do not reuse for other eye