why proteo ivt kit
Single Use Intravitreal injection pack
Proteo IVT Kit

Introducing Single Use Intravitreal injection pack for Intravit Procedures

Proteo IVT Kit is the most comprehensive Single Use Intravitreal injection pack for Clean Intravitreal Injection procedures.

Proteo IVT Kit is a complete surgical pack which provides Safety, Convenience. It reduces the hassle of opening several bins in the OT to get access to different instruments and re-sterilising them after use. Proteo IVT Kit offers this safety and convenience. We give below the list of components which will make the clean injection procedure complete with our kit.

List of components

  • Prepsite-Povidone Iodine Swabstick for preoperative cleaning of the eye and adjoining areas. India’s first single use skin prep.
  • Dry Gauze for wiping excess Pov Iodine solution
  • Drape Sheet with Hole and Bag
  • Disposable Stainless steel Wire Speculum
  • Cotton Buds for retracting the lids while applying speculum
  • 5 ml Syringe with Needle for Irrigtion purpose
  • 1 mi Syringe for drawing the injection
  • 30gauge needle for Injecting the drug into the eye
  • Braunstein Caliper with markings for 3.5mm/4.0mm
  • Scleral Fixation Plate to fixate the sclera by aligning the edge of disc portion to the limbus. The slit in the plate facilitates easier placement of the injection with accuracy each time with stability offered to the globe through the critical step.
  • Eyepad for closing the eye.
  • 60ml bowl for Saline wash incase required.
  • Plastic Tray containing the above items
  • Wrap Cloth made of non woven material inside with the above items are placed. This wrap can be placed on a sterile/disinfected trolley and opened directly. You can consider using Steriwipe 70% IPA wipe for disinfecting the surface of the trolley.

We have developed Proteo IVT Kit Single Use Intravitreal injection pack after carefully observing the steps in each Intravitreal Injection procedure. We have sourced the best components from all over the world and packed in a licensed surgical dressing facility. The product is ETO Sterilised in one of the best contract sterilisation services in India. You can be assured of the quality of the product.