19G 2.8mm Incision

Phaco Tips

We have with us 14 variants of Phaco Tips. 19g and 20g Titatinium tips for Regular Phaco surgery. 21g and 23g for MICS Phaco surgery. In these 4 different sizes, we have the variants as 15deg and 30deg straight, 30 degree curved tips. Apart from these we have two variants of Flare tips.
19g 2.8mm Blue Sleeve1

Phaco Sleeves

We have compatible silicone sleeves for each phaco tip with specific color code. Blue Sleeve for 19g, 2.8 mm Biege Sleeve for 20g, 2.5mm Clear Sleeve for 21g, 2.2mm Orange Sleeve for 23g, 1.8 mm

Phaco Wrench

Medical Grade stainless steel Wrench for Star Hub type phaco tips. Compatible with AMO and B&L machines.

Handpiece Repair

We repair Phaco Handpieces.