Enhance your performance with widest range of Phaco Tips


Different tips

to suit your preferred technique

Incision Sizes

2.8mm and 2.5mm Regular Incisions 2.2mm and 1.8mm MICS incisions


Straight, Curved, Flare


15 and 30 Degree Angulations
Phaco Handpiece Repair | Phaco Tips and Sleeves | Bimanual and Coaxial IA | Metal Wrenches
Handpiece Repair
We repair and refurbish handpieces of
  • AMO Sovereign Compact, Signature, Signature Pro, Whitestar, Ellips Fx
  • Alcon Laureate, Alcon Centurion, Centurion Silver, Infinity
  • B&L Stellaris, Millennium Phaco Machine.
  • Zeiss, Oertli, Optikon Phaco Machines
  • 6 month warranty

    10 days turnaround time

    Phaco Tips and Sleeves
    Buy Phaco tips and sleeves compatible with
    • AMO Sovereign Compact, Whitestar, Ellips Fx
    • B&L Stellaris, Millennium Phaco Machine.
    • Oertli Phaco Machines
  • 19gauge 2.8mm,
  • 20gauge 2.5mm
  • 21gauge 2.2mm
  • 23gauge 1.8mm
  • Straight 15deg and 30 deg
  • Curved and 30 deg
  • Flare